Red Blazer Girls

Last Monday, one of my best friends (I’ll call her Atthy) and I had our “big” debate. We’d been practicing and preparing since the beginning of the school year in September.  The topic, a bit of a mouthful, was:  developed countries have a moral obligation to mitigate the effects of climate change.  Which basically means that rich countries (like the U.S.) should try to stop global warming/climate change because people will die if we don’t.

Anyway, we didn’t know if we’d be arguing PRO or CON until the debate, so we had to prepare for both sides.  The debate was in three rounds.  We ended up arguing PRO (the one both of us were more confortable with) every time.  Yeah.

For the debate, we got these super cute red blazers from Forever21, so we’d look professional and matching.

This is what the blazers looked like:

Atthy says we won every round.  I’m not even sure we won any of the rounds.  But it sure was fun!


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